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Checks n Balances

View Transactions01Checks and Balances (CnB) is an electronic checkbook record keeper that works on your phone. It is designed to help track payments and deposits made each day. Since CnB works on your phone, you can keep track of transactions as they take place, instead of forgetting about them later. For example, you're at the grocery store and just purchased your groceries with your debit card. Using Checks 'n' Balances, you type in the amount you spent, select debit to indicate how you paid, and select "groceries" as the description of the transaction. You know have a record of how much was spent, how it was spent and why, with a few simple presses of you phone's buttons.

Checks 'n' Balances offers ease of use, point-of-sale, transaction recording on your Java enabled phone. You are more likely to have your phone with you when you make your purchases, swipe your ATM card, or take advantage of that "One Day Only Sale". Why not keep track of your day-to-day finances on your mobile phone? It is more convenient! The alternative would be remembering to write down your check amount when you got home after trying to find the store's receipt.

Product Features
View Single TypeCnB allows you to customize your transaction records to suit your specific needs. CnB gives you the options to add transaction types to indicate how a transaction took place. For example, if you purchase items on Ebay and make arrangements to pay through PayPal, you could include PayPal as a transaction type. Now any PayPal transactions are indicated by a press of a button.

CnB also allows you to customize transaction descriptions. The descriptions are a list of notes used to remind you what the transaction was for. If your traveling and fuel is an expense you could add the description of "gas" to indicate which transactions were made for gas.

Over a month's time, you may want to know where your money is being spent. CnB offers many viewing and sorting options for viewing your recorded transactions. CnB will allow you to list only transactions of a single type or description, so it would be very easy to determine over a month's time how much money was paid for "gas" or which transactions were paid by "Credit" each option giving a total of all listed transactions.

Checks 'n' Balances Viewing Transaction options:

  • Sort by Date
  • Sort by Transaction Type
  • Sort by Transaction Description
  • View between Dates two dates
  • View all transactions of a Single Type
  • View all transactions of a Single Description
  • View all Cleared Transactions
  • View all Pending Transactions
  • View all transactions that are Credits
  • View all transactions that are Debits
View Sort Options


CnB offers a comprehensive topic driven Help guide available from the Main Menu.

CnB does not connect to your bank account and DOES NOT store your account number or critical information. If your phone is lost/stolen, no personal account information can be retrieved from CnB. CnB only keeps track of transactions & balances.

Screen Shots

(Simulated screens. Actual screens may vary according to your device.)

Main Menu
Checks 'n' Balance's Main Menu.
Type Manager
Manage transaction Types.

Adding a transaction into CnB

Add Screen-1
1. Enter Amount
Add Screen-2
2. Select Payment Type
Add Screen-3
3. Enter Invoice Number
Add Screen-4
4. Select Description
Add Screen-5
Transaction was added
Add Screen-6
More transaction details

Download & Installation
CnB IconChecks 'n' Balances is designed to run on your Java enabled mobile phone. It will not run on your PC, or Mac, only your Java phone. To install Checks 'n' Balances to your mobile phone you have two options. Option 1, download CnB to your computer then upload the program to your phone by bluetooth or data cable connection, see your phone's instruction manuel. Option 2, download CnB directly to your mobile device with wireless internet access.

To Download CnB to your computer and upload to your phone you'll need these two files:
 - CnB.jad
 - CnB.jar (56.3 KB)

To Download and Install Directly to your Java enabled phone use your phone's web browser and enter the following web address to install Checks 'n' Balances:

(your service provider may charge you for the 56.3KB download depending upon your service plan.)

CnB offers a completely functional 30 day trial period. Once the 30 days have elapsed, CnB requires product registration for continued use.

To register your copy of Checks 'n' Balances please use the "Buy Now" button below to make a $7.99 payment via IMPORTANT: be sure to include your 16-digit serial number and a valid email address with your payment! We can not send a registration key with out your serial number or email address!

Message Link Message Area

Options ScreenWhy We are a very small company and are not equiped to take online orders at this time. PayPal is a very secure and trusted means of making purchases online and offer buyer protection. For more information visit

Once both payment and serial number has been received, we will send by email your 16-digit registration key. Enter your registration key into the "Key:" field within the Options screen and use the "Register" command to submit your key. You will see a message confirming you have registered the product.

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