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Xyrus Blasters
Xyrus Blasters

The 2020 pandemic crisis is not to be taken lightly, everyone's lives have been affected. The Xyrus Blasters game is a means to help. Pixel Cube Software pledges to give seventy percent of all in-app purchase profits to the Mercy Warehouse.

Mercy Warehouse, deemed an essential service, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to "Look, See, and Do Something About It" for the poor, needy and broken in the community. Mercy Warehouse receives donated goods, sells them at thrift prices and uses the funds to support a number of programs for the needy including the most economically vulnerable (homeless) affected by the 2020 pandemic crisis. Since 2010, Mercy Warehouse has run a food bank for the needy and in recent years begun to provide shelter and jobs for the homeless. MW has been deemed an essential service for the community and through the generosity of donors like yourself has managed to remain open, increase it's work force (many of whom are or were homeless or had a job impacted by pandemic shutdowns) during the 2020 pandemic crisis, continue to feed the needy and has begun to provide transitional housing for a small homeless population. Mercy Warehouse has expressed gratitude for pledging a portion of the proceeds from a game that appears to provide benign relief from the frustrations imposed by the pandemic to them, and to the vulnerable of the community.

Game Description:
Now you can shoot and blast that pesky virus into oblivion! We were told to shelter in place, so you have to shoot them while not moving! Be careful, as the virus spreads, it gets more chaotic. You'll have to blast them all to win.

Xyrus Blasters is a modern day take on the classic arcade games of the past. Contains twenty five levels of progressively difficult game play.

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Available for download


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