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Xyrus Blasters

Your new favorite retro image editor, brought to you by nerds who love and understand this stuff deeply.

Using Pixcha, you can convert your pictures into that retro pixel art look from decades ago. Recolor you images using classic system colors from the 80's and 90's. Recreate those color, green, or amber monochrome looks. See how your images would be on an old LCD screen. Recreate the color CRT looks with scan lines.

Pixcha offers over 1.5 million unique setting combinations to convert your pictures into pixel art. Mix your palette options, style options, and screen sizes to make beautiful pixel art. Quickly save and reuse your settings to recreate your favorite pixel styles. It's very easy to share your retro creations on social media.

All features are available, no purchase necessary. Any purchase is just a way to show your support for the Pixcha team and will remove ads and remove the watermark from your saved and shared images.


  • 14 methods of color determination
  • 10 color count options
  • 92 preset color palettes
  • 14 Dither options
  • 10 Effect options
  • 16 Image classic screen resolution selections
  • 8 pixel scaling settings
  • Save and name your favorite settings to use again
  • Share your Pixcha creations
  • Rotate images
  • Flip images
screen shot 1 screen shot 2 screen shot 3
screen shot 4 screen shot 5 screen shot 6
screen shot 7


Available for download


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