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Double Spin Poker
Double Spin Poker

Double Spin Poker is a five card draw poker game, played with five card decks on a five wheel slot machine! This game offers 380,204,032 unique combinations and 37 types of winning hands, many not possible in traditional single deck poker. Try your luck and you may win a "Three of a Kind-Flush", a "Full house-Flush", or if you are VERY lucky you may even get a "Five Of A Kind!" Play your hands with duplicate cards, and get bigger payouts!

Place your bet and spin the wheels. Each wheel will stop on a random card in each deck. Hold the cards you want to keep and take your Double Spin to complete the round of poker.

Try your luck now! Will you win big? Give it a spin and find out!

Double Spin Poker - we put a "spin" on poker.

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