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About Us

Pixel Cube Software was created from the smoldering creative coals of Kevin Alvarado.  Wanting to get away from the stuffy corporate atmosphere and supervisors that continually walk the office with coffee mugs and finish each request with, “Yea, that would be great.” Pixel Cube was formed.

We wish to build products that will help the typical office worker increase productivity.  Our goal is to help that office worker enjoy the workday by creating entertaining products that offer productive solutions.

Pixel Cube Software would also like to help change the image of the gaming and software industries by recruiting talented individuals that have been overlooked by these industries.  We wish to give the underdog a chance to shine and show their worth.

We would like to thank those at Aesthetic Solutions, Inc., for their efforts and support in helping Pixel Cube Software become established.  Aesthetic Solutions is the creator of Aesthetic World Visions, virtual reality software for virtually anyone.


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